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NorthEast Residential Services

Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities in Phippsburg, Maine

NorthEast Residential Services offers day programs for adults with disabilities in Phippsburg, Maine. We focus on enhancing the quality of life through personalized support and comprehensive health strategies within a secure setting. Contact us for more information about our disability care programs.

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Living Opportunities

Extensive Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities in Phippsburg, Maine

In our dedicated mission to support adults with disabilities, we provide extensive day programs in Phippsburg, Maine. These programs are crafted to enhance living experiences through specialized services that foster independence and quality of life. By creating adaptive and supportive environments, we empower our clients with personalized care plans, focusing on individual needs, adaptive strategies, and promoting inclusion in daily activities.

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All individuals must meet eligibility and intake requirements through DHHS’s Office of Aging and Disability Services and have a diagnosis of intellectual disability.

The Process

We collaborate with the individual, their guardian, correspondents, natural supports and service providers to create a care plan to provide a safe residential environment.

Our Phippsburg Adult Disabilities Day Programs

At NorthEast Residential Services, our day programs for adults with disabilities in Phippsburg focus on more than just care—they’re about enriching lives. Tailored to each individual, these programs include support in daily living activities, personalized care plans, and the use of adaptive technology. Our services are designed to promote independence and enhance the quality of life.

Comprehensive Care Plans

We offer personalized care plans, supporting independence and a high quality of life, for disabled adults, 

Everyday Support Programs

We provide everyday support programs that assist adults with disabilities in managing daily tasks, enabling them to maintain their dignity and independence.

Specialized Programs and Therapies

The day program includes specialized programs and therapies aimed at improving well-being.

Community Integration and Support

We are dedicated to fostering community integration for adults with disabilities in Phippsburg.

Choose NorthEast Residential Services as your Home Care Provider in Phippsburg, Maine

When you select our home care services you’re not just choosing a service; you’re becoming part of a community with over 45 years of combined experience in serving adults with disabilities. We firmly believe that every client is a unique individual who deserves the utmost respect and undivided attention. Call (207) 657-1387 or fill out the form to contact us today!