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Shared Living

Get some respite and rest assured that your loved one is in good hands.

Shared Living Provider Needed

Learn about our long-term shared living services in Maine

What is shared living? This service provides housing and support for adults with disabilities in Central Maine and surrounding areas while also offering a source of income for the providers of these services. Our goal at Northeast Residential Services is to go above and beyond when it comes to coordinating this incredible opportunity for qualifying providers and the individuals they support. At NorthEast Residential Services, we specialize in working with adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism.

Whether you are interested in providing this service, or you are the parent of a son or daughter with a waiver, you can be trained at no cost to become a shared living provider. Northeast Residential Services partners with Northeast Training Services to offer this training in a comfortable setting. Our goal is to incorporate these individuals into a family-style setting where they can form connections in their household, family and community. These adults will also learn how to be more independent and live outside of their family’s home.

If you have a loved one with these needs, they can move in with a full-time provider, or you can earn income by partnering with us to receive support. With the oversight and assistance of Northeast Residential Services, as a service provider you can receive $40,000 in tax free income, not including room and board. If your loved one needs more face-to-face, in-home support and oversight, take advantage of our shared living services today.

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Want to open up your home to local adults with disabilities? We provide income opportunities and free training to caretakers who provide long-term residential services for adults with developmental disabilities.

For shared living to work successfully, the disabled adult and caregiver must:

  • Both have responsibilities in the household
  • Be on equal footing and depend on each other
  • Have their own living space to be their genuine selves

Mutual love and respect are essential in any shared living space.

To learn more about our long-term residential services, contact Chris Call at (207) 650-1259 for more information.

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